Parcel insight
In order to get up to date information about a parcel on the island of Bonaire you can apply for a parcel insight document. This document provides cadastral, owner, mortgage and seizure.

Monthly mortgage reports
Stakeholders can apply for a monthly mortgage report. This report provides information wih regards of all the mortgages of the related month.

A Fieldwork gives you information on the location of the cadastral boundary. You receive: a surveying sketch, measurement, Information about the plot

Divide or unite parcels
When splitting or uniting kadaster creates new cadastral parcels with permanent boundaries and parcel numbers:ideal for large projects such as the sale of rental housing;or if you want to sell one or more parts of a cadastral parcel.

Welcome to Kadaster Bonaire

Stichting Kadaster & Hypotheekwezen Bonaire (hereafter “KBH”) his objective is to maintain and develop a stable and effective land registry system that provides security of title to registered properties and interests in land throughout Bonaire. Additionally KBH facilitates the creation and free movement of the properties and interests. The company also provides access to up-to-date land information to enable confident dealings in property and security of titles.


Tarieven Openbare Registers Per 1 Maart 2018

Tarieven Kadaster per 1 Maart 2018