Coordinate Transformation

Coordinate Transformation is the conversion of coordinates from one coordinate system to another.

Digital drawing

The cadastral map for business use in geographic information systems 

Border expansion

A boundary expansion is the visualization of a cadastral boundary based on the Land Registry data recorded in the development of the border. 

Cadastral plan

The cadastral plan shows the graphical representation of the land and the buildings, with their parcel numbers. It is constructed from a fiscal point of view, namely the determination and commitment of the cadastral income and property tax. 


A Fieldwork gives you information on the location of the cadastral boundary. You receive: a surveying sketch·measurement·Information about the plot 

Divide or unite parcels

When splitting or uniting kadaster creates new cadastral parcels with permanent boundaries and parcel numbers:ideal for large projects such as the sale of rental housing;or if you want to sell one or more parts of a cadastral parcel.   



Hypotheekwezen Deed of ownership

Official document is that is drawn up by the notary to complete the transfer of real property

Mortgage deed

The mortgage deed is a document stating that you (the mortgagor) an immovable property (the property) give as collateral to the mortgagee (the lender) in return for obtaining a loan. To protect the lender has the right to sell the collateral in public if you cannot fulfill your commitments.

Parcel insight

In order to get up to date information about a parcel on the island of Bonaire you can apply for a parcel insight document. This document provides cadastral, owner, mortgage and seizure.

Monthly mortgage reports

Stakeholders can apply for a monthly mortgage report. This report provides information wih regards of all the mortgages of the related month.

Mortgage cancelation deed.

The notary makes a cancellation deed so that kadaster can disappear the record from the register.